Santa Shipping Labels from the North Pole

Make your Christmas presents from Santa Claus look official with my new Santa Packing labels, Shipping labels & Fragile stickers. The kids will be delighted to see their gifts came direct from Santa’s Workshop via Express Reindeer Delivery this year!

These realistic looking USPS style shipping & packing labels are great for your older kids Christmas gifts too. In fact, the one above is for my 18 year old at university and she loves them!

Each mailing label has been stamped as checked twice and approved by Santa.

You get to personalize the name and address on these labels easily at home using Adobe Reader.

These 2 x 4 inch Santa Packing labels from the North Pole packing station are available for deliveries to the USA, AUS, UK and CAN. They come pre-filled in to depart from Sleigh Bay 1 for a Christmas Day delivery, but you get to personalize them with your own kid’s name.

There are 10 labels per page and each one of those can have a different child’s name. Print one off for the whole family!

This template is compatible with Avery 5163/8163 but I like to print on either full-page sticker paper or regular computer paper (for the cheapest option) and cut them out after printing.

This 1/2 page size USPS style Santa Postage Notice is perfect for bigger gifts where little labels get lost. These come postage paid for sleigh mail and pre-ticked for nice children only of course.

There is a little reminder that Santa has been reducing his carbon footprint down below too!

This template is compatible with Avery 8126/5126/18126 but again, I just print on full-page sticker paper or regular computer paper.

The Fragile stickers are 3.3 x 4 inches each and have some reminders for Santa, his elves and reindeer when they are out delivering. A lovely finishing touch to your Christmas gift wrapping!

You can print this template on Avery 15264 (or full-page sticker paper / regular computer paper too).

You can purchase each instant download Santa Postage Label template here:

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